Snow removal with bobcat

Snow Removal

Snowed in? Call Ahlstedt's Landscape Contracting. We have the equipment, operators, and the experience to take on any size of snow clearing challenge.

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Parking lot sanding truck

Parking Lot Sanding

Winter ice can be treacherous. That’s why Ahlstedt’s specializes in both small and large size parking lot sanding. Let us sand away your worries.

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Large haling dump truck

Large Hauling

Staring at mountains of snow? Ahlstedt's has the specialty large and small hauling equipment needed to clear your areas of any unwanted snow build-up.

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Professional snow removal. Snow doesn't stand a chance.

Clearing snow is a part of everyday winter life here in Saskatoon. But don’t worry, Ahlstedt’s specializes in small and large-size parking lot snow removal. Our experienced equipment operators can clear any parking lot, small or large, and with our competitive rates* and quality service, you will always be glad you chose to work with us.

*minimum 2-hour charge

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Front-end loader

Commercial and residential sanding. No more slick surfaces.

Slips and falls don’t have to be a part of winter living in Saskatoon. With our specialized equipment and experienced operators, Ahlstedt’s can quickly sand any large or small parking lot. We work with both commercial and residential owners and can adapt to any situation with our large and small capacity sander trucks.

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Large lot sanding truck

Large snow hauling capacity. You'll never know it was there.

There’s just so much snow! Don’t let snow pile up, let Ahlstedt’s make it disappear. We have just the right specialty equipment to get the job done on time and budget. Our large capacity loaders and dump trucks make snow removal a breeze. Get in touch with us so we can work out a plan that will meet your needs.

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Large hauler dumping a load

Who We Are

Ahlstedt’s Landscape Contracting started with humble beginnings. Jonathan Ahlstedt began landscaping peoples' yards during his University days. While managing both the growing landscaping business and full-time studies within the College of Commerce at the U of S, Jonathan chose to prioritize his work with the business.

By the late 2000’s, Ahlstedt’s Landscape Contracting began to earn its reputation within the community through fair pricing and completing good quality work. Ahlstedt’s now employs up to 15 full-time employees at peak season.

We work as a team and see the value in fostering relationships with each other and our clients. Our company is capable of handling almost any job, and we are always looking to take on new challenges. At Ahlstedt's Landscape Contracting, we grow together.

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